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From time to time, the ROCKETH research activities make it to the media. Below you find our media appearances.

Note: Some of the following content is only available in German.

Newspaper and TV appearances

Geothermie: Schwierige Suche nach unerschöpflicher Energie


TV science magazine "Einstein" reported on Swiss deep geothermal energy. We hosted the TV crew for one day with our lab as a background. A slow-motion hydro-fracking experiment made it to TV.

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Wilder Planet – Erdbeben


TV science magazine "Terra X" accompanied the Bonn-based geophysics team around Stephen Miller in the Chilean Andes. Matteo Lupi was part of that team investigating increased volcanic activities after the 2010 Maule earthquake.

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Lebendiges Gestein


Nicola Tisato identified microbial activity in speleothems in the cave of Asperge (France). The Swiss weekly newspaper "NZZ am Sonntag" portrayed Nicola, his colleagues, and their latest findings.

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Mehr Licht in den Untergrund


ETH Life, the online-magazine of ETH Zurich, published an article about the establishment and research of our group.

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Rock physics group formed at ETH

February 2012

The EAGE magazine "First Break" informed in a news item about the formation of the ROCKETH research group.

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Overview articles

From time to time, we publish overview articles that provide a general overview of our recent work and some outlooks into possible future directions.

June 2014

Tisato N., Quintal B., Chapman S., Madonna C., Subramaniyan S., Frehner M., Saenger E.H. and Grasselli G., 2014

Seismic attenuation in partially saturated rocks: recent advances and future directions

The Leading Edge 33, 640–646

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December 2011

Quintal B., Frehner M., Madonna C., Tisato N., Kuteynikova M. and Saenger E.H., 2011

Integrated numerical and laboratory rock physics applied to seismic characterization of reservoir rocks

The Leading Edge 30, 1360–1367

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