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EGU General Assembly

23–28 April 2017, Vienna, Austria

  • Antunes V., Lupi M., Carrier A., Planès T. and Martin F.: Setting the baseline before geothermal exploration begins: the search of microseismic activity in the Geneva Basin, Western Switzerland
  • Bracke R., Wittig V., Güldenhaupt J., Duda M., Stöckhert F., Bussmann G., Tünte H., Saenger E.H., Eicker T., Löer K., Schäfers K., Macit O. and Jagert F.: In-situ test site at the International Geothermal Centre Bochum
  • Cardello G.L., Lupi M., Makhloufi Y., Do Couto D., Clerc N., Sartori M., Samankassou E., Moscariello A., Gorin G. and Meyer M.: Fault segmentation and fluid flow in the Geneva Basin (France & Switzerland)
  • Carrier A., Lupi M., Clerc N., Rusillon E. and Do Couto D.: Inferring lateral density variations in Great Geneva Basin, western Switzerland from wells and gravity data
  • De Siena L., Chiodini G., Vilardo G., Del Pezzo E., Castellano M., Colombelli S., Tisato N. and Ventura G.: Seismic imaging of the hot source of Campi Flegrei unrest
  • De Siena L., Chiodini G., Vilardo G., Del Pezzo E., Castellano M., Colombelli S., Tisato N. and Ventura G.: 4D imaging of the seism-geochemical dynamics leading to recent Campi Flegrei unrest
  • Fuchs F., Lupi M. and Saenger E.H.: Remote triggering and numerical simulations of passing seismic waves at the Larderello-Travale Geothermal Field, Italy
  • González Vidal D.M., Miller M., Perez G., Bataille K., Miller S.A. and Lupi M.: Crustal seismicity of Southern Andes region affected by Maule 2010 megathrust earthquake
  • González Vidal D.M., Obermann A., Bataille K., Miller S.A. and Lupi M.: Shear-wave velocity anomalies in Southern Andes within latitudes 35∘S and 37∘S: model and interpretations from seismic ambient noise
  • Haddad A., Lupi M., Gonzalez Vidal D.M., Ganas A. and Kassaras I.: Recent seismic activity recorded by a new local seismographic deployment in the Gulfs of Zakynthos and Cefalonia, Western Peloponnese, Greece
  • Loeer K., Riahi N. and Saenger E.H.: The role of array design and noise source distribution in anisotropy monitoring with three-component frequency-wavenumber analysis
  • Sell K., Saenger E.H., Quintal B., Enzmann F. and Kersten M.: Digital Rock Physics of hydrate-bearing sediments: Determination of effective elastic properties on the microscale
  • Saenger E.H., Stöckhert F., Duda M., Fischer L., Osorno M. and Steeb H.: Digital material laboratory: Considerations on high-porous volcanic rock
  • Tisato N., Cordonnier B., De Siena L., Lavier L. and Di Toro G.: Torque controlled rotary-shear experiments reveal pseudotachilites formation-dynamics and precursor events
  • Wenning Q., Madonna C., Joss L. and Pini R.: Quantifying multiscale porosity and fracture aperture distribution in granite cores using computed tomography
  • Werner C., Löer K. and Saenger E.H.: Singulated elastic Rayleigh wave modeling for ambient noise anisotropy studies

AK Permafrost

09–11 February 2017, Einsiedeln, Switzerland

  • Frehner M., Amschwand D. and Gärtner-Roer I.: Bestimmung des Blockgletscher-Fliessverhaltens aufgrund von Deformationsdaten und geomorphologischen Indikatoren: Beispiel des Murtèl Blockgletschers (Engadin, Schweiz) (in German)
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