Successful 5th Poroelasticity Minisymposium


Yesterday's Poroelasticity Minisymposium was a great success with lots of interesting presentations and stimulating discussions.

Group photo of Poroelasticity Minisymposium 2016  
Group photo of the Poroelasticity Minisymposium 2016 in Bochum.

We spent a very interesting day in Bochum at the fifth Poroelasticity Minisymposium. The talks were quite diverse ranging from Seismic Full Waveform Inversion, Attenuation Upscaling, and micro-Particle Image Velocimetry to more regular poroelastic and rock physics studies.

While in Bochum, we also examinded the superb infrastructure of the International Geothermal Center, which comprises lab facilities and an mobile drilling rig for boreholes down to 1.5 km, among others.

We thank all the participants and all the speakers and poster presenters for a very interesting day.

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Thu Jul 20 14:48:25 CEST 2017
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