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Nicola Tisato studied geology at the Univesity of Padua (Italy) and received his BSc degree in 2004 and his MSc degree in 2008. Thanks to his advanced technical skills, Nicola also worked as a technician for a geo-instrumentation company during his studies. Since March 2009 he conducts his Ph.D. studies at the ETH Zurich.

Nicola is an experimental geoscientist. His main research interests include the experimental determination of rock elasticity at low frequencies, stress induced fluid flow measurements in porous rocks, measuring seismic velocities in natural materials, and experimental study of friction coefficient during seismic slip. Nicola also acts as his own laboratory technician and he self-develops new instrumentation for experiments and measurements related to geosciences. Two additional interests are the speleogenesis of caves related to the oxidation of sulfides in the host rock and 3D-visualization techniques.

Key publications

  • Tisato N., Di Toro G., De Rossi N., Quaresimin M. and Candela T., 2012: Experimental investigation of flash weakening in limestone, Journal of Structural Geology 38, 183-199. Go to article
  • Tisato N. and Madonna C., 2012: Attenuation at low seismic frequencies in partially saturated rocks: Measurements and description of a new apparatus, Journal of Applied Geophysics 86, 44-53. Go to article
  • Tisato N., Sauro F., Bernasconi S.M., Bruijn R.H.C. and De Waele J., 2012: Hypogenic contribution to speleogenesis in a predominant epigenic karst system: A case study from the Venetian Alps, Italy, Geomorphology 151-152, 156-163. Go to article
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