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  • Barnhoorn A., Verheij J., Frehner M., Zhubayev A. and Houben M.: Identification of the transition from elasticity to inelasticity from seismic attenuation analyses, submitted to Geophysical Research Letters
  • Lupi M., Frehner M., Weis P., Saenger E.H., Tisato N., Geiger S., Chiodini G., Skelton A. and Driesner T.: Delayed fluid-driven ground uplift triggered by regional earthquakes at Campi Flegrei, submitted to Earth and Planetary Science Letters
  • Subramaniyan S., Quintal B., Tisato N. and Saenger E. H.: Forced oscillation measurements of seismic attenuation in fluid saturated carbonate, submitted to  Journal of Geophysics and Engineering
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